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Hi there!

Thank you for visiting my blog. The focus here is on my desire to learn and become an expert in using different technologies including Ruby on Rails, Cucumber, Joomla! and Linux.  It is designed to chronicle my learning experiences.

My husband and I have a software program called Amplitech and it is written in Ruby on Rails.  It is a field service tracking software that is used to run a heating and air company.  The software schedules the technicians, tracks the service and maintenance calls, produces invoices for the customers, contains maintenance checklists, tracks the technician’s time for time cards, etc. I am working with the business owner, who is currently using Amplitech to run his Heating and Air business, to add new features to the software and continuing to develop it into a sell-able product.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

Tracie Pannell

P.S. ( Our company name is Dinotrac, Inc. which is a combination of my husband’s and my name… his name is Dean – therefore our company name is pronounced “DeenoTrac”.)

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